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“We are designed specifically to convert your most difficult financial class into both immediate and long-term revenue while helping your patients avoid the extremely negative effects of debt collection activity.”– Michael Bumann, CEO

Good for Hospitals. Good for Patients.

why the self-pay mva account?

The Red Dot Solution

MVA accounts are, by their very nature, costly and complex. Not only are they incredibly resource dependent and time consuming, they are the only financial class whose processing is 100% manual – from intake to resolution.

Consequently, resolving these claims internally poses significant challenges to resolve-most hospitals simply dump these accounts in to the “Bad Debt” or “Self-Pay” bucket.   

The Red Dot Solution

We provide our MVA Account Solution for hospitals by acquiring both aged and future MVA accounts at a significant increase over historical self-pay results.

Red Dot’s solution significantly reduces, or even eliminates, the hospital’s cost in managing these complex and long-term accounts. FTE resources can be reassigned to higher margin medical and surgical accounts.

Aged and future MVA accounts acquired at a significant increase over historical self-pay results

  • An increase over your booked value.  Be paid more, in less time, without staff costs

  • No Patient Collection Activity – Self-pay, MVA patients feel re-victimized when they suffer the pain and indignity of the current debt collection process.
  • Patient Experience is GREATLY improved when they are able to avoid being subjected to the debt collection process – With hospital systems focusing on “Patient Consumerism,” your system will be recognized for implementing this program for the benefit of your patients.
  • To sum up: Your system will increase revenue, decrease “Days in AR,” reduce staff costs, and improve the overall “Patient Experience.”



Our first acquisition is the largest because we will convert your 30-month pool of aged MVA accounts to revenue 

Future AcCounts are converted too

Each month we continue to convert your MVA accounts to revenue

Simple Process

Red Dot Management’s MVA Account Solutions Platform is designed specifically to be simple, painless, and no-cost for our hospital partners and their team members


Imagine you’re the patient that was injured in a MVA caused by someone else.  You’ve done nothing wrong-just wrong place and wrong time.  You’re the victim.  You’re injured and need medical attention.  You think things are improving once you leave the hospital then you start receiving collection notices and you’re back to being the victim.

Red Dot keeps all that from happening because we only seek account resolution from the responsibility liability carriers.


Get paid more, in less time, without the staff cost, all while making your patients happier.  That’s the Red Dot solution.

Good for hospitals, good for patients.

Diagnostics & Rehab Facilities

For these facilities, dealing with the myriad of complexities and account management requirements is often a bridge too far. 

Red Dot’s acquisition solution functions as both a cashflow enhancement and a staff reduction tool.


Hospital Systems

The long resolution cycles are coupled with inherent challenges due to the underlying nature of these claims: identifying and locating multiple parties, identifying the responsible insurance carriers and available coverage, making and maintaining contact with various insurance claims adjusters and attorneys, account monitoring, and negotiating the resolution of the account when the underlying personal injury claim is settled.

These are just a few of the overlapping areas of expertise.

Insurance companies

When health insurance and liability carriers pay our damages caused by the negligent acts another, Red Dot is exceptionally well positioned to assist in recovering those payments, where appropriate.

What is Subrogation? 

Subrogation is the process by which an insurance company attempts to recover money it paid out to its insured as a result of a covered loss but another party is actually responsible for all or part of the damages.




From Our Founder

Why Red Dot Was Founded

Red Dot Management was founded because I knew there was a better way to resolve accounts related to motor vehicle accidents than had been done historically. 

I’ve had the opportunity to remain focused on this unique type of accounts since 2000.  During this time I’ve watched as hospitals have made great strides to implement new systems and process for almost every other kind of patient, account, and system. All save one: The self-pay, MVA account.    

These accounts, due I believe to their 100% manual and non-standardized processes, have continued to be handled the same way they have always been handled. 

I knew a better solution was possible but the crux was structuring the trade in just the right way to avoid “hurting” any of the parties involved: The patient and the hospital had to be made “better” by the arrangement.   

Red Dot’s platform that pays as much, or in some cases, more than the hospital can collect themselves; without the need to resort to direct, debt collection activity against the patient, is that solution. 

Here at Red Dot we’re pleased to provide our services; and look forward to showing you what can be done to help you and your patients. 

-Michael Bumann, FF/EMT

Founder & CEO  

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