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Rapid COVID Funding Program

In response to the needs of healthcare systems across the country, we have developed this RAPID program to provide funding in as little as 48 hours upon receipt of just these data points:

1) Your current self-pay MVA balances (30 month look-back)

2) Your book value for those accounts (historical collection percentage)-to make sure we’re paying you a higher amount 

In your time of revenue need, please allow us to pay you a premium on your MVA accounts today.

We Live in a World of Increasing Cost and Declining Reimbursements
Don’t Settle For the same poor performance

unlock immediate revenue

“We expect self-pay to show growth and revenue to remain pressured by rising bad debt as the number of uninsured increases with repeal of the individual mandate and employers continue to move to high deductible health plans.” 

MVA Accounts

Motor Vehicle Accident (“MVA”) accounts are complicated, time consuming; and are the only payor class that requires a 100% manual resolution process. Consequently, resolving these claims internally poses significant challenges.

Red Dot Solution

Red Dot’s solution creates a “win/win/win” solution by significantly reducing “Days in AR” while maintaining the same future value of the self-pay MVA accounts (we just speed up that payment by ~5X); and improves your patients’ experience and relationship with your hospital by avoiding debt collection activity.


MVA claims are differentiated from other receivables by their 100% manual process, extensive staffing needs, extended resolution cycles (380+ days in AR) and ongoing monitoring, communication, and resolution characteristics.

market observation

“The cause of Operating Margin declines are multiyear reductions in topline operating revenue growth

Gaps in expected revenue are the ultimate “pain point”

We can provide your facility a significant, and monthly, revenue infusion

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