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Red Dot Management is a patient-centric and technology-enabled MVA account management company.


We provide an elegant solution for aged and future MVA accounts that optimizes hospital recovery while relieving patients from damaging, stressful and embarrassing debt collection practices.

01. MVA Accounts

Motor Vehicle Accident accounts are extremely complex, time consuming, and the only financial class that requires a 100% manual resolution process.

Consequently, resolving these claims internally poses significant challenges.

Factors that universally contribute to the cost and complexity of resolving MVA accounts include:

a) Uncertainty in Reimbursement

b) Significant FTE resources

c) Labor Intensive 

02. current process

The manual claim processing requirements of MVA accounts is in stark contrast to the hospital’s medical and surgical patients that employ structural efficiencies that allow for preregistration, preauthorization and a highly automated claim submission and payment process.

Considering these significant differences, it is not surprising that hospitals have historically found it easier to simply lump MVA accounts with their true self-pay patients, or to find some small measure of comfort in contracting with third-party contingent servicing vendors for whom MVA accounts are not their core competency.

This old way of processing MVA accounts is broken. It doesn’t work. Not for the hospital, and certainly not for their patients.


03. the Red dot solution

In today’s environment, hospitals are best served by revenue cycle partners that are hyper-focused on their core competencies.

Leveraging our MVA Account Solution Platform, hospitals immediately convert their aged and future MVA accounts to significant and consistent revenue.

The patient experience is vastly improved while avoiding altogether the negative effects of damaging collection practices.

Good for hospitals. Good for patients.

    consistent data

    The Numbers Don’t Lie

    Hospitals are forced to survive in a different era. The cause of Operating Margin declines are multiyear reductions in topline operating revenue growth.

    We now live in a world of increasing cost and declining reimbursements. Identifying innovate revenue sources is incumbent on hospital CFOs and Revenue Cycle Management team members.


    Hospital Operating Margins plunged 96% in the first 7 months of 2020


    hospital operating margins are down 28% year-to-date compared to 2019

    our value propositions

    What We Do Best

    ConsistEnt Revenue

    Our solution creates both immediate revenue for aged accounts but also consistent, monthly revenue for future accounts

     increased value 

    Aged and future MVA accounts are acquired at a significant increase over historical self-pay results




    doesn't trigger debt covenants

    Our approach is designed specifically to avoid triggering any debt covenants.  By purchasing accounts at or above the “booked value” bad debt isn’t increased…but revenue is.

    Improve PAtient Experience

    Patient’s that have been the victim of a MVA feel re-victimized when their hospital sends them to collections.

    Red Dot removes patients in the debt collection cycle; and avoids it all together for future accounts.


    no collection activity

    It bears repeating that Red Dot DOES NOT engage in direct collection activity against patients.

    We see ourselves as an extension of your customer service-and conduct ourselves accordingly


    Aged and future accounts

    Convert both your aged and future MVA accounts into consistent revenue.

    This results in significant revenue for the 30-month aged pool (often comprised of open charges of $50-100M). Larger hospital systems can expect to realize $15-25M in bottom line revenue in the first year.


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