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Michael Bumann – Effectively Resolving Motor Vehicle Accident Accounts

Episode Description

On this episode of Healthy Outcomes, our host Mark Ross interviews Michael Bumann, CEO of Red Dot, a company that specializes in resolving motor vehicle accident (MVA) accounts for healthcare provider organizations. Together, they discuss the importance of revolutionizing how MVA accounts are resolved, especially given the current economic landscape for healthcare provider organizations.   

Topics of discussion include: 

  • The primary issues facing healthcare systems today. 
  • The complexity related to the collection of MVA claims. 
  • Red Dot’s unique approach to resolving MVA claims, which includes a focus on improving patient experience. 
  • A case study regarding how Red Dot assisted a multi-state healthcare system increase collection of MVA accounts. 
  • Michael Bumann’s experience as a first responder, and how he uses that first responder mindset to run his company. 

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