Red Dot Management

Reno fintech startups see demand erupt as pandemic speeds up…

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The firm specializes in acquiring and resolving third-party liability healthcare claims from motor vehicle accidents (MVA) for hospitals and medical providers across the nation.

In simple terms, Red Dot converts what it describes as “costly and complex” MVA accounts into immediate and long-term revenue.

Revenue was something hospitals and medical providers saw plummet in the wake of COVID-19 due to millions of canceled elective surgeries, appointments and tests. Moreover, millions of unemployed Americans lost their health coverage they received at work.

“We are able to drop in so much revenue to them, and it’s super easy revenue to get from us,” said Michael Bumann, founder and CEO of Red Dot Management, which relocated its headquarters to Reno in fall 2019. “We were able to take our process and get it right down to the simplest parts to make it as easy for them as possible to benefit from.”

Published: July 21

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